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There are constant improvements and innovations in web technologies. Gutenberg is an exemplary WordPress product that, together with coders worldwide, is pushing the common WP programming into a real innovation.

I experienced the new approach live on WordCamp (2018), surrounded by geeks, differences between regular editor (backend) and Gutenberg code were explained. The simplicity was impressive, but the support of the system if required and the breadth (vision) of possibilities. In the meantime, Gutenberg has been used, tested and built by me in real time. Here, built is really to be understood symbolically.

The Gutenberg modules provided homogenize and prefer the intuitive approach to what has been learned. In practice, there is much less need to be “learned”, e.g. how the backend and frontend interact. Differences and attitudes that are relevant for the active use of the building are easily made accessible with recurring steps. Of course, it helps to bring some code know-how with you for a better understanding; it is not a requirement for use.

Many suppliers of modular systems score points with ease of use and playfulness. It is obvious that Gutenberg represents a revolution for website practitioners: Simplification is lived and complexity is undermined in favor of no loss of the presentation of results. So no insurmountable hurdles to create faster, fresh worlds of experience.

Ultimately, Gutenberg is a worldwide Geek project.

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