[Blog] Connections

The connection and linking of different providers for domains, email and hosting services can lead to a loss of speed. Running a shop is all the more delicate.

If a domain registration was carried out by provider A), the hosting as a partial service from provider B) and the emails from provider C), all providers are required. Everyone does their part, but there are delays in transmission. The route, connection speeds and loading times are hardly perceived as individually disruptive, but have a negative impact on the number of users.

It is therefore advisable to test the interaction of all components externally in order to find out how quickly, for example. my corporate website is really up and running. If a modular system was used to design the page and sales work, there is often no reason for evaluation. After all, the site “works” as a sales channel well. It is obvious that it can and should be exchanged for better .

A system like WordPress, which offers success quickly and reliably, is usually a good choice. However, if the WordPress site is on a slow server (host), the best implementation will not help. So you have to turn both screws. Thirdly, a redirected email address leads to an assumed unlikely loss of business due to time delay, but also to costs that are eliminated in a professional solution.

Service providers are often taken into trust based on their level of awareness and good, Austrian quality is underpinned with different colored Austria associations. That is well received in Austria and strengthens the feeling of being there. It goes without saying that the interaction of different providers leads to overlapping of product packages.

It is therefore important to question exactly why different suppliers are used for these three services (domain, host, email). What is the added value for your own company? In my opinion – nowhere.

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