WordCamp Vienna [2019]

[ Blog ] Word Camp 2019

The WordCamp Vienna took place at the end of April in the Old General Hospital. A range of different topics was offered. Main focus for project and content managers, SEO components as well as a separate “developer” (programmer) day.

Last year I listened with awe and saw the first lines of code. Many inspiring new components were announced. Confirmation as a follow-up this year. YES, “Gutenberg” (block-editor-project) will replace in 2021 (this is where the support of the previously common WordPress editor ends). I don’t want to discuss whether this is an innovation for the better or for the worse. The usability for the content creator is simply different. This also allows WordPress access for people with little technology affinity and broadens the target group. So everything will be different and it already is.

Countless manufacturers of templates carefully refer to “Gutenberg-friendly” in the brief descriptions of their products. For me, Gutenberg is an opportunity that has many hands, critical and less critical voices. These were also audible by speakers with regard to the WordPress system-atics. Especially with regard to data protection, it depends on what is installed and or uploaded (Gravatar), with cross-system effects that could be legally discussed. But it wasn’t a camp for lawyers.

Search engine optimization was still on the podium and (like every year) was presented inspiringly from a small new perspective. More heads, more perspectives. Everyone goes their own way to success, and Google may or may not agree with them. The numbers are tough, the numbers are there. If the thought of the unpopularly neglected coffee table doesn’t stop me in the coming year, I’ll listen again. Into the world of Automattic (who are passionate “making the web a better place” / owner of WordPress).

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