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The Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT) supports creative professionals in Austria. As part of the C exponent 3 coaching, a selected choice of entrepreneurs from every federal state is offered a strong network of creative people. I was there as an entrepreneur from Burgenland.

The first session for Vienna and Burgenland took place last week.

We sniffed each other in our group and practiced Corona-style cooperation on digital boards. Cardamom, the agency for good taste , was accompanied with stringency and closeness. A prelude to a six-month coaching for creatives.

My real goal: unexpected positive change (and how to deal with it).

As a Burgenland company based in Deutschkreutz, I am allowed to participate. I found out about the possibility via the Werbung Burgenland . A dedicated specialist group accompanies the importance and future for Burgenland on the path of change (my favorite word of the year 2021).

I am not yet daring any wise conclusions. If I were to classify them into categories, our first steps together are currently dominated by lightness, determination and determination.

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