New year rocks

[Blog] The turn of the year rocks

At the beginning of 2021, I was pleased because of the many changes in communication: Less travel times, more efficiency. This has held up more or less all year round, even though the importance of people, the social component in all digital matters, has become even more prominent.

Digibond has gone through a number of changes. We have expanded our cooperation, maintained our network, and participated in creative industry workshops; as a functionary of the advertising & market communication specialist group in beautiful, benevolent and sociable Burgenland, experienced a lot of movement.

University exchanges took place in Burgenland, Lower Austria and Vienna. The need for further training, a fearless view of changes taking place and the importance of geographically independent trust also seemed essential. – Just because you know someone or something (institution) does not mean that this acquaintance is also good for you, that it brings you further.

The earth connection, as I would like to call it, is central to success in the digital sector. We easily forget that. Thanks go to all those encounters who wanted to bring about, allowed or made possible unexpected positive sudden change .

May happy days continue to be with us in 2022.

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