Information flow

I use my mouse, orange in color, to explore the World Wide Web every day. My travels follow the communication goals of companies. I often encounter a storm of information with no clear identifiable meaning or concern.

Information defines the page like a structure: contents are linked to one another in invisible logic. Sometimes, this logic is understandable for the operating company, but for quite difficult for the user to find their way around. Hence, internal designations and hierarchical corporate structures shall be transformed in the digital world for good, understandable flow of information.

In my opinion, facilitating the user is based on clarity + knowledge.

The naming of the navigation point must reflect content that is thematically relevant, understandable and clear. A network of qualitative content is created.

If the website operator pays attention to quality, not only is the user joyous: Google rewards with visibility and presence based on search engine optimization. This (entrepreneurial) awareness leads to higher click rates and better understanding (and adaptation where required) of your own target group.

The user has his own knowledge, experience and culture background. With this he navigates through the web with his paper slide. If he encounters a current that causes him danger (too much time, confusion, etc.), this leads to higher dropout rates. He can experience the presented content only partially or poorly.

In summary, I recommend keeping an eye on navigation + content:

  • To pursue the corporate communication goal with clarity.
  • To convey the entrepreneurial knowledge in unison of words and pictures.
  • To create an intuitive understandable website for the user.

My orange mouse will continue to explore the wide world of the WEB, storm-free.

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