[Blog] points of view

Points of view

Perspectives – Is there a difference between B2B and B2C? Theoretically, the models diverge in their complexity. But how understandable is it for the marketing manager? Does the programmer have another job? Does the designer have to work with other specifics? The message counts.

[Blog] Channel diversity

Channel diversity

Channel diversity – “Space, infinite expanses. The year is 2200. These are the adventures of the spaceship Enterprise, which (…) is on its way to explore strange galaxies, new life and new civilizations.” (Raumschiff Enterprise 1972) This is what it feels like in 2017, if one does not differentiate between the major channels (TV, radio, print, online, mobile).


The user lives in his own universe. This consists of a multitude of preferences, properties and characteristics. In order to sell products and services, socio-demographic and geographical features help us to narrow down the customer base. Furthermore, psychological, social psychological, sociological and combined criteria serve this necessity. From my point of view, understanding the customer and understanding his needs remains the hightest value.

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